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Planning Issues Letter delivered to all households June 2014.

All shareholders and residents

Manor Farm Estate

Dear Shareholders & Residents,

Planning Issues

With numerous new arrivals on the estate and many of us already gearing up to improve our homes and gardens, we thought it would be worthwhile to remind all Manor Farm residents of the rules relating to planning and development.

There are various regulations which control development on the estate and we wanted to highlight the most important ones.

Firstly, Chiltern District Council has reserved permitted development rights on Manor Farm estate. This means that structures you would normally be able to build without planning permission, such as an extension or an outdoor building in your garden, do actually require planning consent.

Please remember that planning permission for structural changes to your property is also required from the company, although this is normally granted if the council has given consent.

Structures such as exterior walls and fences may also require planning consent from the Council, if they meet certain criteria e.g. height.

We would also remind you that there are a number of covenants in place on the estate, which exist to preserve its green and open nature. These are legal agreements between the local council and the original developers, most of which were put in place in the 1970s. As directors of the management company, it is part of our duty to ensure that these are upheld.

One of the most important covenants is the deed of undertaking from June 1973, a copy of which can be found on our website, along with a colour-coded map showing the type of uses allowed on various parts of the estate.

This states that front gardens "shall be laid down to grass with or without flower beds and shall be mown and maintained as such properly cultivated in a neat and tidy condition as amenity areas for the benefit of the estate”.

Essentially, it is a requirement that front gardens on the estate remain predominantly green and unenclosed. With this in mind, it would appear that a small number of shareholders may be in breach of this particular covenant and we would urge them to take steps to rectify this.

Please be aware that we may refer projects to the planning authorities for further guidance and/or approval. Shareholders may also find it difficult to sell properties with outstanding planning issues.

We are here to help, so please get in touch with us if you intend to undertake works on your house or garden, ideally before starting a project.

We will try to make life easier where we can, but we do need to uphold the rules for the benefit of everybody on the estate.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Van Duzer

Company Secretary

On behalf of the Board of Manor Farm (Seer Green) Management Company Ltd

News and Correspondence in the 21st century

The Company is offering the opportunity for Company Shareholders to receive the newsletter Manorism, invitations to AGMs, annual accounts, annual service charge invoices, etc. by e-mail. This has already been taken up by the vast majority of Shareholders and helped to further reduce workload and costs.

If you have access to e-mail and would like to receive information as mentioned above electronically, please send us a message with your house number and street name in the subject line.

Please take responsibility and make sure you notify us if you change your (main) email address!!
Email NHW Manor Farm Estate, Seer Green.
You will need Acrobat Reader which is available free of charge on CD ROMs of various computer magazines or can be downloaded free from the Acrobat website.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.
Once we have acknowledged your message you know that we have logged you on to our system successfully.

Please be assured that we will not bombard you with e-mails unnecessarily, and that we will not make your details available to any third party - except local NHW (you may opt out) - in order to avoid spamming.

For those without access to e-mail, we will continue distributing correspondence in paper form.

Bonus: Email registered households will also receive Neighbourhood Watch messages electronically.
Your email address will be passed on to the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator on the estate unless you specifically instruct us not to do this.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Foul Sewer System - Adoption by Thames Water

Shareholders had empowered the Company to act as temporary ‘control central’ on behalf of all shareholders to have the main foul sewer system on the estate adopted by Thames Water. Contrary to earlier information, the developers had not arranged adoption prior to handing over the estate to shareholders.

Shareholders suggested and voted at the AGM on 16 June 2010 that the full amount of the adoption process was to be recovered from all shareholders. The vast majority of shareholders had paid their bill within the first week, and the Board expresses their gratitude for the fine co-operation received by this majority. Sadly, the last payment was only received on 14 March 2011.

Thames Water has now issued a 'Declaration of Vesting of Sewers', confirming that the estate's foul sewer system was taken over by them on 26 April 2011.

The Board thanked Glyn Stanning and Philip Lord for their energy and valuable input with regard to this project.

Cavity Insulation Walls

A shareholder informed us that according to the Building Control Department of the Chiltern District Council, it was 99% certain that all houses on the Manor Farm Estate would have been built with cavity insulation, as this became standard procedure from the 1970's onwards.
An electrician has found out that the cavity in one property was empty, it has not been filled with insulating material!!
We therefore have to presume that all other houses on the estate are the same, unless owners have had their property insulated at a later date.