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Seer Green Alert 

Ringmaster Messages - Archive 2004

07 December 2004

Home Security Scam Alert

We have received several reports from members who have been phoned up by a company wanting to visit peoples homes and talk about home security and offering security marking of people's property. They may claim to be security officers and are offering the service due to a spate of burglaries in your area.

At this stage we do not have details of the company as our NHW members were too wise to take up the offer and have politely told them they are not interested.

The advice from Crime Reduction is DO NOT TAKE UP THEIR OFFER or allow anyone into your home as a result of cold calling. If you do receive such a call it would be useful if you could report the name of the company and if possible their contact details and forward them to our office. We will then forward them on to intelligence.

Alternatively phone the Police on 08458 505 505 quoting URN 594 of 2 December.

And, the elderly should remember to talk to the HandyVan Scheme run by Help the Aged to improve home safety and security; call 01255 473 999 for their services. Click here to download a free brochure (size 150kb).

If you are suffering from unwanted telephone calls you can register with the Telephone Preference Service by phoning 0845 070 7070 or log on to the website It takes 28 days for telephone calls to reduce but is well worth it.

You can also register with the Mailing Preference Service to stop unsolicited mail through the post by phoning 0845 703 4599 or log on to the website

Thank you.

29 November 2004

Scam Alert

Police would like you to be aware that a bogus company claiming to be following up on external rendering and textured coating work which had been done some years previously are in the area. The men look official and seem to have knowledge of previous maintenance which has taken place, and offer to check surfaces for any damage before a warranty runs out.

They claim to deal with textured coating for walls and try to persuade owners that work should be carried out immediately with a cash in hand discount. They are even nice enough to offer taking the owner to the bank!!

The men are described as 4 White Irish males. The first cold-calls and offers to get his men to check over the original work. The three others turn up later, identify problems and try to persuade the house holder to have work done immediately. They are very pushy and have left one owner with damage to their guttering.

It is believed they may have followed the genuine company round when the original work was being done and noted down where they saw the 'This work has been done by....' signs in owners gardens.

Remember to always get at least three different quotes before accepting an offer of work and never buy at the door.

If you see elderly residents having any type of maintenance work carried out, please check with them that they are not being conned. If necessary check the company are bona fide.

If you are aware of these people operating in your area, contact the Police immediately on 08458 505 505 quoting URN 528 of 18/11/04 or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or to Trading Standards on 01296 383 212.

Thank you.

07 October 2004

Cashpoint Machine Scam Alert

There have been an increasing number of incidents where ATM (Cashpoint) machines are being used in credit card fraud. A device known as The Lebanese Loop or Skimmer is placed over the slot where your plastic card is entered and may not be immediately visible. This enables the offenders who are watching to clone the card and fraudulent transactions may then be conducted in other areas of the country or abroad.

The advice from the Police is that if you suspect that one of these devices is in place DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE IT. The offenders are often nearby and will attempt to retrieve the device. Contact the Police immediately on 999 so they can set up a surveillance team to monitor and hopefully catch the criminals.

Two recent incidents occurred at Barclays Bank in Sycamore Road, Amersham over the weekend and a man was assaulted when he tried to remove it.

Thank you.

11 September 2004

Canadian Lottery Scam Alert

Help the Aged have brought to our attention details of a Canadian Lottery Scam. People receive unsolicited mail or telephone calls telling them they are being entered into a prize draw. This is then followed by a call congratulating them on winning the big prize in a national lot-tery but before they can claim the prize they must send money to pay for taxes and processing fees.

Older people are particularly at risk - over 80% of victims are more than 65 years old. Evidence shows that most victims do not report the crime through embarrassment or a fear that they may lose control of their finances.

The Office of Fair Trading is collecting evidence which the Canadian authorities can use to prosecute the fraudsters although they cannot take up cases on behalf of individuals. Anyone who has received a phone call and/or sent money can call the reporting line on 020 7211 8111. They also have a website which has further information:

Again - please warn any potential victims to be on their guard against this type of crime.

Thank you.

21 June 2004

Be Vigilant

Police and Trading Standards would like you to be aware of an aggressive company working in the whole of Buckinghamshire. The company are called Sky UPVC, and are travelling around the area in a white van with a hand written sign of "Sky UPVC" attached to the side of their van. This company have been deceiving the public and have been taking part in what is known as hit and runs. This is because they take the money, do half a job, then run.

They have been in Buckinghamshire since Friday. If you come in to contact with these people, you should contact the police on 999 immediately quoting URN 657 of 10/06/04. If you have already had dealings with this company or if you have any information please call 08458 505 505 quoting URN 657 of 10/06/04.

Thank you.

7 May 2004

Scam Alert

Police are warning of an intimidating company offering to tarmac driveways throughout South Bucks. County Roadworks are a company targeting people with large driveways and business premises such as pubs and restaurants with car parks. They offer their services at "low prices" but then increase their costs by up to four times the amount of the original quote. Their approach is very aggressive and the public should be wary of accepting any work.

Do not undertake any work without written quotations. By law you are entitled to a 7 day cooling off period, prior to work being undertaken.

If anyone has any problems with this matter, please contact the police immediately on 08458 505 505 or Trading Standards on 01296 383 212.

Pc McInnes, Travellers Liason Officer, would like to hear from anyone who has any dealings with this company, please contact him on 07773 311 862.

Thank you.

1 April 2004

Spanish Lottery Scam Alert

We would like to make you aware of a current scam that is operating. Letters are being sent to residents claiming to be from the "Spanish Lottery" saying that the resident has won a prize. This involves divulging your personal details like bank account numbers and a deposit of Euro's to an account in Spain. Not surprisingly no winnings have been paid out.

The Fraud Squad advise this is currently not an offence in the UK, and any complaints should be made to the Spanish authorities.

A reminder DO NOT give out bank or personal details.

In this week's edition of the "Bucks Free Press" there is an article on Rogue Traders and Bogus Callers, it has been published with input from the Police, Trading Standards, and the Home Office.

Thank you.

17 February 2004

Mobile Phone Scam Alert

There is currently a MOBILE PHONE SCAM whereby you receive a message saying 'Missed Call' showing the number 0709-020 3840. The last four numbers may vary but the first four numbers are always the same.

If you call this number back, you will be charged £50 (fifty pounds) per minute! People have complained about their phone bills but apparently this is completely legal.

The message was recently sent to all staff at Kodak and it has been checked out, several people in Little Chalfont have already been caught by this scam. So beware - DO NOT CALL back numbers beginning with 0709.

Thank you.

PS. 26.02.04
We now understand that there are bona fide companies whom use the 0709 number for legitimate business purposes. We regret any confusion or misunderstanding in this matter.

17 February 2004

Credit Card Scam Alert

Buckinghamshire Trading Standards are urging consumers to be vigilant after several CREDIT CARD SCAMS have been brought to Trading Standards attention.

We would like to remind you that card companies already have your details and will NOT ask you to repeat these details over the phone.

- If you receive a telephone call DO NOT divulge any part of your credit card nu-mber, pin or any other information.

- When you are using cash machines remain alert at all times to what is happening around you and do not be distracted by others. Never let your credit card out of sight, card companies say the most common places cards are copied are at petrol stations and restaurants.

- When you are shopping on the internet use companies that are well known or display the Trust UK logo. Look for the closed padlock sign at the bottom of the screen. It shows that your payment details are protected when being sent.

- Please ensure you dispose of personal paperwork securely by using a shredder as your details can be of value to criminals.

If you have any concerns report them to your card company and where necessary report them to the police on 08458 505 505. Also please circulate this information to friends, family and colleagues.

Thank you.

30 January 2004

2 Scam Alerts

1) There is a fair amount of cashpoint fraud occurring in the area. Customers are being distracted whilst withdrawing money and the offender/s are cloning the cards. Usually customers are unaware until they receive their statement and so cannot recall any details of the incident.

Also be warned that under no circumstances should credit cards details be given out to people contacting you by telephone.

2) Police would also like to make you aware of a new fish seller's scam. They have been calling at addresses stating they have deliveries for neighbours who are not at home. These people are requesting payment from the houses they call at, saying neighbours have said they will pay, normally cash is requested. Unfortunately some householders have paid only to find that neighbours have not made any arrangements for such deliveries.

Under no circumstances should payments be made on behalf of neighbours. Also try to record as many details of the sellers as possible, including descriptions of vehicles and report it to the police straight away on 08458 505 505.

Thank you.